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Prior to attending ACTT in 2013, I served in the US Army as a Combat Medic for 10 years. I knew I no longer wanted to be in the Medical field, so I made the decision to start a new career in the tech industry. I was introduced to ACTT and by attending their programs I was able to complete 4 certification courses and within 30 days was offered my first job as a IT tech. It’s been 8 years and thanks to the training I received at ACTT, it has helped me build a career and life after my military service that I can be proud of. 

– G. Houston. Oahu, Hawaii

  ACTT staff was very professional and helpful in answering any questions or accommodating any unique unforeseen student related circumstances that occurred.  The staff would assist student via phone, email, or utilizing the virtual classroom environment as a primary communication medium.  There are instance that ACTT staff intervened on my behalf with other agencies to ensure my success.  I was in a unique position.  I took all my IT certification courses from ACTT in the virtual environment.  I was able to pass ever IT class I took in the virtual environment on the first try.  I hope in the near future, provisions are-made for students with cybersecurity certification aspiration in earning CYSA+, Linux+, and Pentest+ in the virtual environment.  I understand it is difficult to do labs in a virtual environment.  I would prefer to have a class without labs and still learn the fundamentals than not have any cybersecurity class, considering labs only cover about four simulations out of an 85-question exam.  In retrospect, I knew the pandemic would create new challenges however, ACTT demonstrated that the organization was capable of overcoming any obstacles to ensure student success.  I like the fact that ACTT was able to ramp up to a virtual classroom environment in such a short time during this pandemic.  In my humble opinion, many students like me, would have not have achieved their IT certification objectives without ACTT virtual classrooms.  ACTT is the best they helped me earn all the entry level IT certifications so that I would have the fundamentals needed to earn future IT certifications.  This speaks to ACTT commitment to their students overall success and organizational resilience in achieving their objectives in the face of adversity.  Thanks again ACTT, you guys rock A+++++++.      

– H. Davis. Oahu, Hawaii      

Training at Applied Computer Training & Technology, Inc. proved to be instrumental in helping me to obtain a highly desired position at the employer of my choice. When I began my training at ACTT I had limited computer knowledge and was worried that I would not be able to keep up with the class. I was happy to find that the instructor was very patient and explained things in detail. He would answer questions and would provide help if any students were having challenges. Course work was systematic and provided a tiered approach that structured classes from basic to increasingly advanced skill levels. I became familiar with using a PC when I had previously only used a MAC.  I was pleasantly surprised when I became able to help other students with their questions. ACTT provided me with training in Microsoft’s most current operating system and cyber security training that lead to a CyberSAFE certification. This training also included tips to build a strong resume and practice in interviewing techniques. Training in the most up-to-date systems, procedures, and practical applications provided me with what I needed and made me an asset to potential employers.  I highly recommend training at Applied Computer Training & Technology, Inc.!

– D. Siko. Oahu, Hawaii

“When I began training at ACTT I was transitioning from active duty military service and had just completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Despite graduating from College with a respectable GPA and performing an unpaid internship as an IT Business Analyst, I found myself struggling to break into an IT industry that was becoming increasingly competitive given unfavorable economic conditions. While I was at first reluctant to return to the classroom environment, I found the training courses at ACTT to be a more productive, efficient, and enjoyable means of acquiring the skills that I needed to be competitive in the job market. Within a few weeks of enrollment I was able to obtain an Entry Level Systems Analysis and Networking position. Unlike the training I had received at the university level, the subject matter at ACTT was immediately applicable and relevant to the job I was performing. The instructors at ACTT are skilled and accomplished industry professionals in their respective disciplines. They are able to not only convey the complicated technical concepts of today’s industry in an effective and understandable manner, but they also exude a passion for their profession that inspires students’ ambition and desire for learning. I discovered that all my instructors were doing jobs that I wanted, and the instructors did more than teach; they mentored. This meant that in addition to learning everything I needed to pass my certification exams, I also gained insights into the IT industry that I otherwise would not have had access to. Since I began training at ACTT I have achieved multiple certifications and industry knowledge that have increased my salary and marketability. I have now received multiple job offers in lucrative IT specialties. However, I believe that by far the most valuable asset I gained at ACTT was a renewed interest and passion for learning and IT. As the saying goes…find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

– J. Durham, Oahu, Hawaii

Before coming to Applied Computer Training & Technology, I was trained as a “backup person” to our former System Administrator. My training was basically “click here and there” with vague explanations to the computer problems and solutions. It was frustrating trying to understand the concept since I worked as a legal assistant/paralegal for most of my career. I was tired of responding, “I don’t know, I was just shown how to fix the problem” whenever people asked what was wrong with their computer. I could not continue to assist doing what I was doing without some sort of basic understanding of what I was doing and why. That was when I decided to get technically educated. The former System Administrator received her training from another training facility, which she found to be too fast-paced and expensive. She learned a few things but wished she could have learned a lot more. I did not want attend the same training facility and end up feeling the same, so I did an extensive research on computer training programs and schools. After weighing my options, I found Applied Computer Technology & Training (“ACTT”) to be a perfect fit. They offered various computer courses that were held in the evening. I called, scheduled an appointment and met with and Educational Coordinator. He explained the history of the school, the teaching techniques, and what I could expect from ACTT. I was excited about what the school/program had to offer to a person like me that had no basic computer concept, except to type letters and documents in Word. After obtaining the approval from my employer to attend ACTT, I successfully completed and obtained a few certifications: CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Microsoft MCP and I am working towards my MCSA. Today, I work as a Legal Assistant and System Administrator for a local law firm. Everyday, I continue to gain and enhance my knowledge utilizing what I learned at ACTT along with the hands-on training at work. I am also training one of the firm’s employees to be the Assistant System Administrator and I am able to share with him my knowledge. I highly recommend ACTT to everyone who is looking into a career in the IT field. ACTT is fun, has a friendly/family atmosphere, and will educate you with today’s computer technology.

– J. Ariola, Oahu, Hawaii

“Previously worked at Aloha Airlines till they folded in bankruptcy in March of 2008. Had no formal IT experience prior to the training. Mr. Kobashigawa took the time to walk us through what was necessary to complete training with ACTT and advised us on what to expect following the completion of the training. During the schooling I was able to accept a position at Tripler Army Medical Center as a Tier 1 Help Desk Technician. After eight months at Tripler I have accepted a new position as a Network Associate working at Pearl Harbor for base operations.”

– C. Dezzani, Oahu, Hawaii

When I think of ACTT, the word “OHANA” comes to my mind. They have a friendly, caring, and supportive staff. The instructors are knowledgeable, informative, and approachable. At ACTT, I experienced the strong sense of community amongst the administrative staff, the instructors, and the students in my classes. Because of this atmosphere, I’ve achieved my goals of obtaining the certifications necessary for an entry-level position in the IT field. Furthermore, due to the reputation of former students from ACTT working in the IT community throughout Oahu, I was given opportunities to be interviewed for entry-level positions in the IT field. Today, I am currently working in the IT field and enjoying every aspect of it. Attending ACTT was truly a blessing for me. I know without a doubt that even after attending classes at ACTT, I am always welcome and their doors are always open to any concerns or questions I have. Thank you ACTT for helping me succeed in my IT career!

– Christine, Oahu, Hawaii

I was in the retail industry for 15+ years and had very little or practically no IT experience. One day I decided to take a huge risk by leaving to start a new venture in life and going back to school to satisfy a new found passion for technology. An Educational Coordinator from ACTT sat down with me and gave me a thorough explanation of the facility and suggested a training program which has helped many individuals before myself, successfully transition in to the IT field. After completing a nine month training program, I am now working for the Federal Government in the IT industry and find myself being happy and satisfied for taking the risk.

– A. Goroza, Oahu, Hawaii

I was a journeyman auto tech and worked in the industry for the last 25 years. I had two lower back surgeries within 3 years of each other and was seriously in doubt of my current career. In 2006 I hurt my back at work for the last time and was forced to change careers. I thought about working in the IT industry and started to look around for a school that would help me to secure that dream. I started school at ACTT and within a year I completed my training and got a few certifications such as A+, Network+, Security+, MCSA and still working towards CCNA. I interned for a company that specialized in network security and another as a field technician. It wasn’t long before I got a job with great benefits working for Tripler Army Medical Center. I can honestly say that I made a terrific choice by attending ACTT. I am grateful to the instructors and staff at ACTT for helping me make this smooth transition and am looking forward to an exciting career in IT.

– D. McMonigle, Oahu, Hawaii

Like many others in Hawaii I found myself unexpectedly unemployed and being forced to choose a new career. There are many emotions tied to choosing a new career, uneasiness, doubt, and fear of failing. I had a few friends who were attending ACTT and were really enjoying what they were learning. Since I had always been interested in the computer field I decided to give it a shot. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for, but ACTT allowed me to explore my options through the vast field of Information Technology and narrow it down to something I could see myself doing for a long time. Coming from a company that was filled with so much love, it was easy to transition into ACTT because the staff is warm and friendly. The instructors are very knowledgeable and well established within the IT community, which gives you the self confidence to be able to hold your own. After 10 months of schooling, it took me about a month to find a job as network associate on a military base.

– Kimi, Oahu, Hawaii

“I worked as a truck driver for over 15 years and wanted something more that just being a truck driver. A life long friend that worked in the same field as me went to school at ACTT and I saw a transition and what he could do with computers after a few months of training. After seeing him complete a 9 month program and successfully transition from a truck driver with very little computer experience to an IT professional working for the Dept of Defense, it inspired me to risk it and take that same gamble. At first I wasn?t sure if I could learn a new high tech field, but I convinced myself to do it so I wouldn’t have to depend on others for my computing needs. I scheduled an appointment with an Educational Coordinator and had them explain what the IT field was all about and to find out what type of training was necessary to succeed, that meeting got me more interested. I went through the courses and got a few certifications A+, Network+, Security+ and MCSA. These certifications helped me not only to understand an apply myself but it also helped me to get a job at Tripler Army Medical Center as a PC Tech, the experience was fun and definitely a learning one. Several months later I found myself working at Ft Shafter as a JR Computer Analyst and progressing to an Information Assurance (Security) Analyst. Without the training and support I got from Applied Computer Training and Technology, Chad and Bill, I would probably still be a truck driver and hating my job, but now I love my job.”

– C. Souza, Oahu, Hawaii

I spent four years in the Navy working in a career that made me unhappy. I discharged in 2003 and began working in retail and studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. Four years later, I received my degree, but noticed many employers were looking for people with experience and/or certifications. I did some research and came across ACTT and found out they accepted the GI Bill®. Within 7 months I earned 4 certifications: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and MCP XP. Two months later I landed a technical position at Best Buy for Geek Squad. Six months after that, I was hired as an IT Contractor working with the Army in a service desk position. A year later, I am now a Remedy Administrator for the entire Army Pacific. I noticed having a degree is fine, but to get the jobs and the pay you want, acquiring certifications is the way to go. I knew absolutely nothing about computers except how to surf on the internet before attending ACTT. The instructors taught us step by step and bit by bit of everything you need to know to get you started in the computer field. All work was hands-on to give you experience to know what you’re studying about. No student was left behind in the classes. If someone was behind we would work hard to make sure all of us had an understanding of the course material. I really enjoyed my experience at ACTT. They are like family and offer so much support even after the completion of your courses!

– V. Mendez, Oahu, Hawaii

Only a year and a half ago I was like everyone else who lost their job due to the economy. Being without a job and health insurance for the first time in over 20 years, I needed to make some very important decisions. ACTT is where I decided to pursue my training in the IT industry. Computers were always something I knew of, but never knew how to do. The training was a definite challenge but the encouraging staff and professional instructors made it possible to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. I’ve acquired important IT certifications and a new confidence in my abilities through training at ACTT. My new job at Tripler Army Medical Center is a direct result of attending ACTT. I am also pursuing other computer related job opportunities through friends that I’ve met during training. In a short period of time I’ve been able to turn a bad situation into a positive one with a lot of help from the staff, students, and new friends at ACTT.

– Steve O., Oahu, Hawaii

Four in the half years ago I lost my job due to a back injury. I was sent to a program called Vocational Rehabilitation were I was to figure out how to obtain another job in entire different line of work making the same or more income to survive. This was extremely difficult considering i barely graduated High School suffering from Dyslexia and ADHD all my life. Being a truck driver was all I knew and had experience doing. I was out of a job and health insurance for the first time in 10 years and a single father of a 9 month old son at the time. I needed to make some very important decisions. I had always been mechanically inclined and could figure out how to put anything together or take apart without ever reading a manual or instructions. I decided I needed to go into a field that my hands and natural ability to fix things could be put to use. I had no idea how I was going to study books or write reports or even read everything I needed to but I knew as long as someone gave me the chance and was patient with my style of learning hands on technique, I knew I could do anything. ACTT is where I decided to pursue my training in the IT industry. Computers were always something I knew of, but never knew how to do. The training was a definite challenge but the encouraging staff and professional instructors made it possible to accomplish more than I ever thought possible. I’ve acquired important IT certifications and a new confidence in my abilities through training at ACTT. My new job at Tripler Army Medical Center is a direct result of attending ACTT.

– Jeremy F., Oahu, Hawaii