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Training Solutions

Training Solutions

ACTT is a licensed training center in the State of Hawaii in operation since 1999. Our instruction incorporates numerous instruction methods based on effective adult learning techniques. Our training is designed and delivered to focus on real-world scenarios and where applicable, attainment of industry recognized certifications. We train across a broad spectrum of students from beginner to advanced, no prior experience is required. A school counselor/official meets with every student or appropriate vocation counselor to design and discuss the most appropriate training plan to ensure a smoother transition to employment upon successful program completion and certification attainment.

(Standard Schedule)

In-Person instruction with a Teacher:Student ratio that does not exceed 1:20. Classrooms designed for hands-on skill development with accessible student equipment and labs for daily use. Courses offered as part of the standard ACTT class schedule and may be offered as part of a hybrid-modality involving online participants.

Virtual-Live Training (Standard Schedule)

Online training with a live instructor delivering material and answering questions in real time. Application of skills conducted using virtual labs. Courses offered as part of the standard ACTT class schedule and may be offered as part of a hybrid-modality involving in-person participants.


Customers choose date and time of training. Options may be available for on-site training based on system specifications and needs. Material and duration can be customized; a senior instructor or manager will consult on best approaches based on desired outcomes and goals.


Design and create learning programs for Customers based on a training needs assessment and training goals that can be delivered in a variety of educational venues including online, virtual-live, and live. Content is developed to include guidance on monitoring and managing delivery and status reporting to ensure full compliance with Customer needs and governing rules/regulations.

Training Program Management

Management of a singular training event and up through long-term plan facilitation. Services may include creating and monitoring training programs, development of organizational training plans and applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), coordinating and executing on training events, and conducting training assessments and analyses.